Welcome to RetroSystems.com. Retro Systems is an industry-leading manufacturer of CNC plasma, oxy-fuel, and waterjet cutting machines. Our diverse collection of CNC cutting machines delivers solutions for a wide variety of customers and applications. Retro Systems is proudly 100% American owned and American made.


mega-hornet-10002Retro Systems spent years developing the MEGA HORNET 1000 plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machine. It sets a new higher standard for accuracy, power and reliability in a heavy-duty CNC profile cutting machines. LEARN MORE


Retro Systems’ AQUA HORNET™ 1000 waterjet provides state-of-the-art motion control and waterjet technology to meet all of your waterjet cutting needs. The system’s modular design allows for unique configurations… LEARN MORE

Contour Bevel System

Contour Bevel System

Retro Systems’ Contour Bevel System creates 360⁰ contour plasma bevel cuts up to ±45⁰. Our design can produce any part design without unwinding the leads. The cutting head can make A, V, Y, K, X and gradual bevel cuts. Cuts may be made… LEARN MORE

Pipe Combo System

In addition to Retro Systems’ ROTO HORNET 1000 & ROTO HORNET 2000 pipe cutting machines. We offer a pipe combo system as and add on to our thermal plate cutting machines. Our pipe cutting systems and Pipe Combo… LEARN MORE

PM Program

Retro Systems’ preventative maintenance program is vital to ensuring your cutting machine´s continued operation at peak performance. LEARN MORE

Training Courses

Retro Systems offers classes for both end users and dealers covering process theory, machine operation and preventive maintenance. LEARN MORE